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The moment I knew things were going to get weird-

Denver, Colorado. I was participating in an arts festival. Rain was coming down hard, within thirty minutes the streets were small rivers, knee deep in places that moments ago were filled with art, artists, and thousands of people. I secured my booth and sought shelter in a nearby business...it was a costume store.

There, welcoming me, were dozens of latex masks. The usual characters; aliens, monsters, presidents, and most importantly, animals. Wanting to delve into the animal world for some time, those masks, mixed with my photo work [at that time], would make for an amusing adventure.


In the summer of 2012 I took my first anthropomorphic photographs. Those initial photos were enough for me to walk away from all other work.. I only looked back as to enjoy the path.

Hadaptation (Artist Statement)

Hadaptation plays on the idea that we humans impact nature in ways that force animals into new [unnatural] environments. We constantly encroach upon habitat directly and indirectly. More often, stories are told of large animals drifting into our cement world. There are species of animals existing only in zoos. Bears have been found riding around cities in garbage trucks. Coyotes making a living off of our domesticated cats. There's endless examples of how our worlds overwhelm and intersect in ways that discomfort. Taking it a step further, I want to imagine boundaries, habitat, and migrations as they interact in our world, integrated into our cityscapes, our warmed over world.

The strongest images, have a push/pull of discomfort, aesthetic intrigue and a fine line of humor and delicate absurdity. I want my work to resonate on different levels, subtle humor acts as a fine lubricant allowing me to enjoy the process, but more importantly, it has the ability to capture the imagination.

More recent, moving slowly in diferent directions-


This body of work was initially entitled 'Hadaptation'. A series of camera illustrations depicting an existence where animals overlap, and move beyond our human world. The newer work is a series of photos that become less about the characters, while elaborating on the worlds they live in. The work is becoming individual stories with a beginning and an end.

I'm interested in using costume, masks, and self portraiture to create anonymous characters that, with all likelihood, are living down the streets from us. This is a blend between performance and digital photography.