Sept. 2007 Pop-up Statement

Photography has been a thread through my life for the past fifteen years. It plays a vital role for my own personal identity. It helps in processing my experiences and allows me to share them through arranged visual stories. I like using the camera to explore political ideas and environmental concepts, then turn and use it as a tool for play and whimsy.

This collection is similar to past work in that I am still understanding how the camera can produce three-dimensional representations of my perceived reality. I am interested in its compression of information and being able to decompress and deconstruct that visual information. At some point along the process it tends to become less about photography and more about sculpture.'Sculptography' is the single best word I can use to describe my art.

This show [New York] is based on a four day photo binge, shooting more film than I normally would in a given year. Mixing street photography with a playful presentation inspired by children's pop-up books, it is an interesting answer to my layering and rearranging that compliments my ongoing style.

Progression of the photo















San Francisco Pop-Up



A few more examples of my travel POP-UPS.



This is Coby. A client here in San Francisco was looking for a different type of gift to give her two boys, both of which were attending collage out of state...missing the family dog.