shawn harris art photography The Ice project, Ice photography at it's close-up. Macro Photography and the freezing of found and natural objects. For the past three years Shawn Harris has been exploring the macro world of bubbles, frozen water, liquids, and the solid translucence of ice. Shot, edited and collaged together to make large 4'x5' color Lambda Prints. Flower Photography, Petals. seeds, organic matter, lilies, tiger lilly, roses, violets, sunflowers, tulips, grasses, pink, blue, yellow, red, orange, purple, Kelp, seaweed, sea vegetation pictures, Crab Pictures, Sparrow pictures, bird photography, snail pictures, roots, beets, quil eggs, bees, honeycomb, fish, goldfish, marbles, oysters, buttons, money, lightbulb, frozen lightbulb, fresh cut greens, tube of oil paint, flash photography, San Francisco, Claifornia based freelance photographer Shawn Harris Shoots close-up macro pictures of flower still lives frozen in a block of frozen liquids. Shawn can be reached at 801-486-8218 Camera Lense Picture, Lense Frozen, Nikon, Sigma, Chilie, pepper, frozen chilie picture, buttons, lightbulb picutre, money.jpg,