THE SELF PORTRAIT started as a way to work out lighting ideas, concepts, portfolio building for future jobs.

Like a sketch book, I began shooting, using myself as the vehicle for an idea. I'd be in the kitchen baking a pie, wonder how a particular shot might look and then play it forward.

Now I have a collection of photos that are beginning to relate to each other, a narrative has begun, a sort of progression which is playing itself out.


yep, there's more...



San Francisco, California based portrait freelance photographer specializing on studio lit concepts boarding on whimsical and slightly insane. Portrait pictures include several self portrait photo collage set-ups. Multi-layered photoshopped portraits of friends, models and passerby's pose in a variety of lighting situation some natural and some flash photography. Travel Portraits, Folsom street fair portrait photos, shots at Angkor Wat, Pregnancy portraits, Gay Pride .jps, swimmers, yoga pictures, underwear models, Saw the movie homage, flab-o-lamp, egg loverer, camper, fisherman, Cooking, Blueberry pie, corporate shill, shawn harris photography, Shawn Harris Art.