Shawn Harris, San Francisco portrait photographer and fine artist, living and working in the Bay area. Commercial, freelance photographer with 20 years experience specializing in Jewelry and product photography. 801-486-8218 or415-626-1370 Shawnrayharris 3D Photographer specializing in anaglyph images available for hire. Conceptual portraits and head shots, fine art and seeking gallery representation and exhibition. Shawn Ray Harris art and art works that are photo based and include sculpture and sculptural objects depicting social and political concepts extending the concept of the photograph as three dimensions to a new level.

Olympic Strong Man wrapped in a sausage package. Olympic Strong Man comes in packs of five, same old taste. Still life with olympic strong man is a digital composite and has been collage. Strong man is wearing patriotic red whit and blue shorts, headband and wrist bands. Kitchen still life with knife and cutting board next to a stack of cookbooks.