My first trip to wine country up Sanoma way. A friend's Uncle owns, and runs this beautiful little winery. A sweet little place.

This was my first afternoon at Ocean Beach. I was pretty entranced with the dogs, the sunset, and people. Journal-scrapbookish feel.

Slide Show from Christmas break in Frisco and down the coast to Monterey, Carmel and Point Lobos.

This one's got jelly fish!!

Experimenting with my camera and some rough animation. This one is a fun one.


Tree Planting ceremony in Asilomar with images of the nearby beaches.

These are photos in and around my neighborhood. Shot from the hip, I try to be as subtle as possible.

Part One. Angkor Wat, Banteay Srei, Byon, & Prah Ko Temples.

Some sound recorded on location.

Part Two.

Ta prohm, Bakong and Lolei


Just start something else for a few minutes, come back to it when the music starts.....

The old town of Lijiang China. The short clips of sound were recorded on location; a concert of Naxi tradional music and the sounds that go between saloons at night. I like this one.

This is the newest in a series of 'journal-like' slideshows. It's a mix of subjects, the common thread being they're all from recent wanderings.

The latest....I've made a couple trips across Nevada, its become a favorite!

Kickin' round the Rocky Mountains

Garden Party &

Christening for Rocco