Images from in and around the Bay Area, last update was July 25th 2009, having spent an all night photo binge on the northern end of the Headlands. Key Words may include, Shawn Harris, Shawn, Shawn Ray Harris, Shaun Harris, Sean Harris, California, Bay Area, Photographer, San Francisco, Golden gate Bridge, GGB, Photography, Images, Photographer, Nikon, D2x, Star fish, Bunker, Redwoods, Winery, cow, beach, coast, California Coast, Boat, Point Reyes, Binoculars, viewer, Balboa Park, Mary, Fish Camp, Shrimp Camp, Marin Headlands, Marin, Salsalito, Sunset, Ocean Beach, Night Photography, John Muir State Park, State Park, California State Park, Bakers Beach, Baker Beach, Landscape Photographer, Sea Star, Tide, Waves, Surf, Long Exposure, Santa Monica Pier, Row Boat, Pier 39, Tourism, tourist, Ocean Beach, Kirby, Kirby Cove, Pacifica, East Bay, Bakers Beach, Baker Beach, Bridge, Dunes,